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Clinical Trial Network

Clinical Trial Network (CTN) is a reliable and dedicated research facility that offers quality research study options to Houston area volunteers — a process that fundamentally contributes to the gathering of accurate data, generating industry-grade Ph I-IV clinical trials communicated to pharmaceutical, biotechnology sponsors, and contract research organizations.


Conducted by renowned and experienced research professionals, CTN is a diverse and multidisciplinary clinical research center: each and every staff member strives to further the understanding of neural, pain, and behavioral disorders.


Our clinical research staff is comprised of skilled and certified personnel — research coordinators, as well as a regulatory department and a recruitment team — who use their expertise and experience to meet the specific needs of our clients, guided by ICH-GCP. 


Because of such an adaptable and reliable team, we have a 48-hour turnaround on regulatory and budget. Our team is dedicated to meeting sponsor goals and ensuring quality data in a timely manner. To ensure these goals are achieved we have on-staff quality physicians who are intuitive and resourceful, willing to dedicate time to our studies.


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