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Patient Recruitment, Retention & Engagement

Clinical Trial Network supports our clinical teams in providing creative ways to recruit patients.

Recruitment is conducted through our EMR built-in screening system, which screens through our existing database of over 22,000 patients. We also work with third parties to recruit and provide out-of-practice patients from our diverse community, opted-in database, and other proven recruitment channels.


The Call Center is the first point of contact for the patient recruitment process. Our staff obtains health information via a phone screen. The data is then processed and filtered to assess which trial would be appropriate for the patient. Once a trial is identified, our staff can set the first appointment for screening.

Our recruitment strategies and resources include:

  • Calling, texting, email campaigns

  • Chart and medical records review

  • Investigator’s internal patient database

  • TV, radio, local newspapers

  • Social media ads: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Referral networks, referral emails/letters to selected hospitals/general practice clinics

  • Brochures, flyers, and posters inside multi-specialty practice

  • Patient-to-patient referrals

Phone Operator
Doctor and Patient


  • Our staff is engaging, knowledgeable, and welcoming

  • Keep patients updated on their health, medical condition(s), and progress of study (consistent communication)

  • Outpatient volunteers have staff personnel they can reach for questions or emergencies

  • Results can be sent to PCP upon request

  • Make patients feel appreciated: thank you cards/notes, follow-up for another study, birthday cards/emails, newsletters

  • Visit reminders: phone call, text messages, and emails prior to next visit

  • Identify patients who need transportation assistance to prevent cancellations

  • Compliance reminders

  • Educational support throughout study

  • Ensure payments are processed timely

  • 24-hour general inquiry response


CTN is constantly looking to grow our referral network by hosting Lunch and Learns with area physicians to educate them regarding current clinical studies. 

We maintain great relationships with the following organizations to help achieve our target study volunteers:

  • Support Groups - Members and volunteers for local chapters of disease specific support groups

  • Health Fairs - Periodic general health screenings performed by our network of physicians

  • Senior living facilities - Good rapport with staff and residents of 20+ locations

  • Nursing homes - Close association with the nursing staff, case workers, and administration of 20+ locations



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