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Dedicated Research Staff

Clinical Trial Network employs a staff of full-time lead study nurses (RN and LVN), as well as 7 full-time trained clinical coordinators with more than 4 years of clinical research experience — each and every staff member is dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization. They coordinate clinical patient care, ensuring that the patient's health, safety, and well-being are protected at all times. 


In addition, we have one full-time dedicated statistician (PhD), one full-time dietician on staff, 2 full-time recruiters, one full-time regulatory (QA) personnel, and one full-time budget and contract personnel.

  • In-house neurologist with 40+ years of experience

    • Currently in a thriving practice: 75+ presentations and publications, participated in 40+ research studies

  • Network of 20+ board-certified physicians in multiple specialties

    • Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology, Internal Medicine,
      Family Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology

    • Actively seeing 45+ patients a day in growing practices

    • Affiliations with hospital systems

    • Professional medical society affiliations

  • Skilled raters certified by MedAvante for CDR, RBANS, MMSE, Raven's, ADAS-Cog, GDS, QoL-AD, NPI-Q, Genetic Disclosure, EQ-5D, ADCS MCI ADLI, PDQ, CSSRS

    • 500+ examinations administered for multiple studies

  • Qualified raters to examine and assess Kurtzke Functional Systems and Expanded Disability Scale (EDSS) in Multiple Sclerosis

    • 150+ administered for multiple studies

  • Dedicated phlebotomists

Team High Five


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